Empathy, You’re Doing it Wrong


This article was originally published on Huffington Post. Emotional intelligence is the skill of understanding and accepting emotions in yourself and others. Daniel Goleman published his book Emotional Intelligence more than a decade ago and EQ quickly became a hot topic in leadership and management. We know that EQ is just as important as IQ, meaning that getting along with …


Get a Sweaty Workout to Become a Smarty Pants


This question originally appeared on Quora and was subsequently published in Medical Daily.  Recently, a group of scientists at the University of Ottawa published the newest evidence that getting off your duff makes your brain stronger. It’s sad news for the couch potatoes of the world. For those who wear out a pair of running shoes (or two) every year, it’s one …


Don’t Quit Your Day Job


How do people survive financially after quitting their job and pursuing the entrepreneur route of a startup? originally appeared on Quora, and was subsequently published by Inc. and the New York Observer.  It’s a misconception that people quit their jobs first, then start companies. Often people start companies while they are still employed somewhere. Although it’s been said that hunger …


Thinker or feeler? Times, they are a-changing


Feelings are valued more highly now than they have been since the invention of professionalism, which frankly hasn’t been around that long. When we started working in offices (and when I say ‘we’ I mean men), we created an manufactured environment. People wore suits that masked the true shape of the body. People came up with things to say that …